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Here you can see our full rope access services that our company can offer you in the London area and surroundings! High-quality services, qualified team and affordable prices are the main qualities of our company.

Building Surveying And Drafting

With building surveys provided by Pro Rope Access, London based abseiling company, you can be sure that you’ll get high-quality repairs thanks to an efficient preliminary assessment. We work with experts that know exactly what to be upgraded or improved by preparing a detailed analysis.

The defects and damage will be fixed by our rope access experts, as quick as possible with the best available materials on the market. 
If you need a building survey, please use our quotation form or call us to set up the date for the building surveying! We will handle everything else!

Building Repair Services

Even if it’s a private home or office building, usually buildings deteriorate over time. It’s always a good choice to perform regular maintenance to ensure that your building it`s stable and looks good. If things get bad, whether it’s losing brickwork, deteriorated roofs or graffiti, it’s always important to have a trusted company that can repair them for you with quality and speed.

We can help you with:

  • roof repair and maintenance
  • windows replacement and repair
  • high-rise mastic replacement
  • concrete/brick/stone repairs

Abseiling Painting Services

We offer high quality abseiling painting services in the London area. Thanks to the great experience of our rope access professionals, we finish our projects on time and with efficiency. Our technicians use no additional scaffolding in their work, therefore you can expect a high-quality, reliable service that is not only perfectly safe but also affordable.

Contact Pro Rope access now to start your abseiling project!

  • roof painting
  • windows painting
  • concrete painting


Cladding Instalation / Removal

It presents many advantages, such as:

  • It keeps wind and rain from damaging the building;
  • It provides good thermal isolation;
  • It makes the building soundproof;
  • It can improve the building’s appearance;
  • It can be made using various materials, each having its special properties

Our team is specialized in offering the most efficient cladding services at the best prices. Pro Rope access offers the most affordable prices on the market, ensuring the perfect price-quality ratio. Our services are available for the entire London area and surroundings.

Curtain Walling / Glazing / Mastic

Even if curtain walling is similar to cladding, it’s a nonstructural design and its only aim is to protect the building from harsh conditions. Its main difference is that it’s separate from the building, it’s designed to support itself and it doesn’t have as many styles you can choose from.

Our team has a lot of experience with mastic replacement, curtain walling, and glazing services in high-rise buildings. We’ve been contractors for large companies because they recognize how quick, professional, and efficient we are. Even if it`s a large or small project, wherever in London it may be, we’re the team for the job.

Abseiling Cleaning Services

Our specialists can clean the buildings of any height, thanks to certificates and dedicated training.
There is nothing that our technicians can`t do, just equipped with only a rope and a bunch of tools, doing excellent work at great heights.

Rope access is the most efficient way to clean buildings, being quicker and much cheaper than scaffoldings but also the safest option available.

  • windows cleaning
  • gutter cleaning
  • high-pressure cleaning brick
  • masonry cleaning
  • retail sign cleaning

Plumbing and Water Testing

With Pro Rope Access you get a highly skilled and well trained professional for a wide range of maintenance and repair of external plumbing and rainwater systems.
If access is limited we can provide good solutions to ensure that no matter the project, your systems will be back to full functionality as soon as possible.

  • Downpipe replacement / repair
  • Guttering installation / repair
  • Water / Waste pipe system installation / repair and water testing
  • Difficult access leak detection / repair
  • All pipework maintenance / repair


Eye Bolts (instalation/testing)

Eyebolts are usually known, in the “safety system” context as a Class A1 Anchor Device. An Eyebolt can be installed into a variety of surfaces to provide a safe point of anchorage for Rope Access or Fall Arrest for internal and external window cleaning or maintenance. All Eyebolts are installed following the standards and requirements of BS 7883 and EN 795.

Eyebolts can be installed into several different bricks and concrete structures allowing safe access to areas of a building that would normally be off-limits due to working at height safety concerns. We do eyebolts installation as well as testing them!

Extractor Fans and Vents

The periodic cleaning of extractor fans and vents is essential to maintain acceptable air quality and prevent unbreathable air inside the building.

Regular cleaning of extractor systems usually reduces energy consumption because clogged extractor vents cause air handling plant to consume up to 25% more electricity.

Expensive repair bills can result from the plant being damaged by having to work harder to move air in and out of the building.

Pro Rope Access specialist extractor cleaning will improve the air quality in any building, reduce energy consumption and increase the life of the air handling plant. It will also make it easier to control the temperature inside the building.

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